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Common    Herbs

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Bois Cano(Trumpet Bush) Cecropia peltata Tree up to 20m high Dried leaves of Bois cano, black sage and tomato leaves are made in a tea or syrup and drank for colds and coughs. The dried leaves are also made into a tea to treat hypertension. Black Sage (Boraginaceae)
Leaf tea are taken for colds. It is a small shrub with a dark brown bark and aromatic foliage,and grows up to 5m high Shandilay(Labiatae)
An annual that grows up to 1m high. A decoction of the leaves is used for colds coughs and fevers. Castor Oil (Ricinus communis) Ephorbiaceae
Short -lived shrub grows up to 3m high. The seed oil is used as a purgative. The leaf is rubbed with soft candle, warmed over fire and tied on the forehead for headaches. Bois Dande(Proteaceae)
A medium sized tree with pinnately compound alternate leaves. An infusion made with a small piece of the bark of Bois dande in a cup of hot water is taken as an aphrodisiac. This can last for three days or more.

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Coconut(palmae) Cocos nucifera
A slender-trunked plant that grows up to 30m tall. Fruits are large ..up to 30cm and has a large seed. When green the seed is cut open and the water is drank as a refreshing drink when dry it is used to make oil.
Coconut root and husk and roukou are used to make a tea for amenorrhoea. Coconut oil is used for cooking and as a balm.

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